June 2021- Hello from Mrs Donno

June 2021- A story about starting Nursery with Mrs Donno

A message from Mrs Donno

Hello from Mrs Purba!

Hello from Mrs Watson!

Hello from Mrs Howcroft!

Hello from Mrs Williams!

Starting Nursery with Lulu

Topsy and Tim Start School!

Starting School!

Hello all of our present Nursery children. We hope you are all looking forward to starting school! Here is a story all about school!Please keep sending us your 2 Simple observations and messages!

All About Starting Nursery!

Hello! We are looking forward to you starting Nursery very, very soon!

Welcome to Nursery to all our new children starting 2020-21!

What fun we have in Nursery! This video shows some of the things we do, from making new friends to learning all about the world around us! We look forward to seeing you all back at school and Nursery in the Autumn term!

Lovely living things with Mrs Donno

Watch as Mrs Donno lets her butterflies fly away! What other wonderful living things do we have all around?

Making play dough 1

Making play dough 2

Fun with Dough with Mrs Donno

Have fun exercising you fingers and learning with dough!

How we change!

Can you send a photo of when you were a baby and one of now you are 3 or 4? How have you changed? What can you do now that you couldn't do when you were a baby? How has Mrs Donno changed?

Rosie's Walk

Could you make an obstacle course and pretend to be Rosy going under, over, through and around things?

Matilda's experiment!

See what happens when water, oil and food colouring are poured in a glass? can you describe what you see happening?

Alpha jumping!

Caitlyn's puppet show

Can you make some puppets out of spoons, paper bags or socks? You could then make up a story about them!

Marvellous reading!

Elora counts how many kicks of her legs she can do!

How many hops and jumps can you do? Can you count how long you can balance on one leg!

Counting with Mrs Donno!

Ella's life cycle of a hen!

Flora's Flowers

What would happen if you planted a brick?

Another super game made by Jurry and Omar!

I wonder who can blow the ball the fastest to the other side of the kitchen?

Reading words!

Well done for playing this brilliant reading game with mummy Ena!

Farhaan singing!

Could you send a video of you singing your favourite song?

Jurry's matching game!

Do you know where your food comes from? What do we get from cows and hens? Do you remember when we made bread at Nursery?

Ilarie's Piano playing

Can you sing a song as you play a musical instrument? Could you make your own musical instrument?

Our Wonderful World!

Why do we need plants and trees? What grows on them? Can you find any plants with a lovely smell?

Handa's Eggs

We have learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly and now see what has happened to Mondi the hen's eggs! Handa and Akeya meet lots of new animal friends in this story too! How many of each do they find? I wonder how many animals you find when you go out for a walk?

Ahmad being friendly to his neighbour!

How are you keeping in touch with your friends? Ahmad used social distancing really well to chat to his friend next door. You could also write them letters or draw a picture for them!

Alpha singing Jelly on the Plate!

What is your favourite song?

Using describing words!

Caitlyn found lots of interesting things around her home then used some fabulous words to describe them!

Clapping for our key workers

Thank you Alpha and your family for saying thank you to all the lovely people who are helping as during this time!


Do you know what will happen to these seeds that Matthew and his sisters are blowing?

Making caterpillars and butterflies!

Can you make a butterfly and a caterpillar then tell the story of The Hungry Caterpillar?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Could you draw or make a caterpillar with symmetrical wings?

Using interesting words!

Could you find some objects around your home and use some interesting words to describe how they look and feel? Do they smell or make a noise?

Talking as we draw!

How wonderful to be able to speak two languages as we draw a picture!

Rhyming Words

How many rhyming words do you know? Could you make up a silly sentence that rhymes?

Exploding volcano!

Well done to all of you who have been doing lots of Science investigations!

Happy Easter from Alpha!

We hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! Thank you Alpha for this lovely video!

Sorting socks!

Well done to all of you who are being really helpful at home! Could you also help by matching all the socks once they have been washed and dried?

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Well done if you have been planting seeds and helping to look after your plants at home by giving them water!

Elora singing her favourite song!

Can you song along with Elora? Can you send a video of you singing your favourite song?

George's bubbles

Could you make some bubbles? How many bubbles could you blow?

Sam's magic potion!

Could you make a magic potion with some of your favourite fruit? What might happen when we drink your potion?

Ava's ballet dancing class at home

Can you send a video of you dancing as you sing your favourite song?

Jack and the Beanstalk

Can you send a video to me re-telling your favourite story?

Planting beans

Can you do some planting at home?

Elmer the Elephant

After listening to the story, can you design your own colourful elephant? You could make one with a clean, plastic milk bottle. Look on the Nursery page to see this idea. Would you see an elephant where you live? Where do elephants live? What do elephants like to eat? Why would we not choose an elephant to be a pet in our home? What might it do? How does an elephant drink water and keep clean?

Mrs Donno Planting

Do you know what plants need to grow? Watch Mrs Donno as she plants some Narcissus bulbs in her garden. Could you do some planting at home?


How many different ways can you count? Can you clap 20 times? How many hops can you do? Could you use two tea towels and count to 20 in different ways like we do in Nursery with Flippy Floppies?

Outdoor activities

Caitlyn counts how long it takes to balance across the wall.

Story time

A story by Shirley Hughes. What can you see all around outdoors?


Thank you for all your wonderful home learning pictures and photographs.

Alpha skipping

Alpha being active outdoors with his mummy and daddy. How many skips can you do?

Caitlyn singing Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Caitlyn made her own rocket then sang the song , using her fingers to also show the flying saucers decreasing in size!